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edit WB for each simulations in camera?


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I guess you mean that you want to edit/save customer settings that includes the selected film simulation and a specific white balance? You can read more about that here: The Shooting Menus (IMAGE QUALITY SETTING) (fujifilm-dsc.com)

Within each customer setting you can select a white balance. You can select from the preset white balances (incl. Auto WB) or you can create up to three custom white balances and select one of those three.

Whenever you select ACROS as the film simulation in your customer setting, you can define contrast, grain effect, highlight and shadow tone et cetera. The only thing you cannot change for B&W and ACROS is (obviously) color.

Before using a customer setting you have to create/edit/save them. See the link above on how to do that. You can create up to 7 customer settings (C1 - C7). In order to select your customer setting while shooting, press the Q button on the camera and change the setting with the back dial. It will change all affected settings accordingly, incl. the film simulation and white balance you've set.

Note that the customer settings only affect the jpeg and the pre-view jpeg in the raw file. It will not affect the raw (RAF) file itself.

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    • After upgrading my iPhone to IOS 15 the Cam Remote app fails to connect to the camera (X100V). Re-installed the app - no change. Anyone with the same issue, and hopefully a solution?
    • No, perhaps I was not clear. Just about the only thing that keeps you from using es is having a flash unit attached. I regularly use electronic shutter with very long exposures when I am outdoors, it saves wear and tear on the mechanical shutter. So something else is going on. Try a full reset and see if that clears it up as well as making sure you have the latest firmware installed. Having tethering would be nice, but Fujifilm seems to have saved that for the X-T3, X-T4, etc.
    • Ah, that's probably what it is then - I'm using a slow exposure and no flash. I just have the 1st and 3rd options on my menu. I bought a mirrorless camera because I thought it would be better than my dslrs but it's pretty useless for what I wanted it for. No live view/tethering  And can't even use the electronic shutter  Yet I can take a 4k video. It doesn't make sense that I can do that but can't take a still.  Louise  
    • That is odd, there are very few other settings that limit using es. Having a flash unit attached is one, but I would have thought that would also keep you from using ms+es. Mines does this: Have you upgraded to the most recent firmware? This may sound drastic, have you copied you settings down somewhere and tried a full reset?
    • Thanks for the reply. I don't have that choice in my x-t30 menu  It's just MS or ES/MS with ES for fast exposures i.e. 1/4000s Louise
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