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Need a work/photography backpack?

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Hello All

I need a new backpack where I can carry the following items:

Fuji XT4

14mm f2.8

16-55 f2.8



Square Filters

Work Laptop


I travel a lot for work and always want to bring my gear with me, however I have to fit my 15" work laptop as well since it is work im there for at the end of the day.


I will be walking around a lot with this so was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I don't think I want a huge backpack. Maybe a 15L?


Thank you!

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Just some thoughts...

My personal favorite is the Peak Design Everyday backpack 20L. It is a bit expensive though, but it doesn't look like a camera bag which might be a good feature depending on where you live and go. PD bags are full of useful details and are very well-made.

A good lower-priced alternative is the Lowepro ProTactic or the M-Trekker. They both come in different sizes and esp. the M-Trekker is good value for money.

ThinkTank has the Airport Commuter which is also great, but also a bit expensive (think around $250, like Peak Design).

Their fellow-company MindShift has the PhotoCross which is equally good, but with all sorts of colored details it is really shooting out "expensive camera gear inside".

A very low-profile backpack is the Thule EnRoute or the CrossOver. Both are quite good and very affordable (under $100 or so).

The best advice I can give however, is take all the stuff that has to go inside and try different backpacks at a good camera store. It's very hard to select from photos and specifications. E.g. some backpacks state 13 inch but can easily accommodate 15 inch laptops. Esp. if you have a sleeker macbook or similar. Also don't forget to bring the charger if you need that to carry around. This also allows you to try-on some backpacks and see if they carry as well as they look.

When you travel in crowded cities and using public transport, backpacks that open at the back panel can be an additional barrier for pick pocketers. 

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