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New Fuji X100V user

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I have just put my name down for a Fuji X100v as a carry all camera in support of my X-S10.
Since purchasing the X-S10 I have fallen in love with Fuji cameras and think that the X100v will be a great pocketable/small bag camera.

I have a few questions that I have been unable to answer by searching on-line.

1. How does one set up the camera for back button fucus?
2. If I fit the water proofing adapter and filter is the lens cap still useable?
3. How important is it that a lens hood is fitted? Does the lens need it? I have seen a number of videos of pro photographers using the X100v without a lens hood.  
4. Any other advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Dave.


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The simplest way to enable back button focusing is to switch to the M-Focus  mode (slider on the left) and use AEL/AFL button to trigger focusing. Let me know, if that is not good enough for you, and I can show your other relevant settings.

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Thankyou for your reply.

It has been a while since I posted this request and I have worked out back button focussing. I use single focussing in conjunction with the AEL/AFL button. I do appreciate your reply however, it was good of you.


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On the X100V the combination of filter and lens cap provide three functions: to make the camera weather (not water!) resistant (WR), to protect the front lens and to reduce the chance of flare and ghosting. Whether you want to make the camera WR, is entirely up to your shooting conditions. Remember, many tens of thousands of X100's in various versions have survived without being WR at all, so with a bit of care, you can also do without. Protecting the front element of the lens is a similar personal choice. Know that most damages to front elements occur while dropping the camera. A lens hood will only protect against that to a certain level. Another source of damage (scratches) is while the camera is in the bag or in a pocket. In that case lens cap will protect equally well, if not better. Finally, the lens of an X100V is not very prone to flare and ghosting, but if you shoot in direct sunlight, a lens hood will certainly reduce the chances to that. If not directly visible, often the reduced contrast is a telltale. Note: if you do decide on mounting a filter, make sure it's a good one with multicoating (B+W, Hoya, Fuji...). Cheap filters can ruin your images almost unnoticed.

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Thankyou all for the replies. I have installed the Fuji filter kit and have found that my old Olympus OM1 49mm lens caps fit on the filter perfectly. I now have the excellent X100v with a momento of my early film photography years.

A very happy Fuji user. 

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