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Tilt/Shift for GFX100s (any experiences with adapter+Canons T/S)

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I’m thinking about purchasing the GFX100s for architecture photography.
Can anyone share their experience?

What Tilt/shift lens can I can use? I don’t believe that Fuji offers a T/S, correct?Currently, I’m using a Canon 5DMK IV with the EF 24 T/S. Is there a way to use that lens on the GFX100s? 

Thank you,


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I’ve been using the TS-E 24 on a GfX50r with an adaptor (I think a metabones, it was quite expensive). Works fine. At full shift on portrait mode you get quite some vignetting but I’ve been pleased with the results. 
Sometimes the exposure gets inconsistent even tho I’m in full manual but that might be user error. Very practical to use focus peaking. 
hope that helps !

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I use an stelsring adapter with canon tse 17, 24, 50, 90 and 135.

It works faultless but photos taken with 17 or 24 mm are tagged as 17

OTOH beware of the "auto" settings under the FORMAT MODE in the SHOOTING SETTING MENU, and swith it to off as it will otherwise crop the image to a 60mp 3:2 format. I know because it appeared from nowhere in a firmware update and set to auto!

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