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Hot Pixels

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Has anyone here dealt with hot / stuck pixels on a GFX camera? Just purchased the camera from someone reputable on Fred Miranda and immediately noticed hot pixels all over the image. I did the pixel remapping and it seems to have helped. Should I still be worried about anything? Is this normal? 

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I've had this issue as well with my GFX 100s, seems like when the sensor gets hot it starts to collect what are called 'hot pixels' similar to stuck pixels. i've reached out to fuji and they say just run a pixel remap and that its totally normal. my issue is, i work on set with this camera, so its on and working for up to 10 hours a day for many days. remapping it every day isn't really ideal. since, from what i read. a remap is just filling in those hot or stuck pixels. seems less than i deal to me. so now what. i have a 96 mp camera?

@olfa w. i can understand how noise would be thought of here. but its too random to be noise, and its always there, shot to shot, once you see those hot or stuck pixels they're there. until a remap.

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I get em on my gfx100s nearly every shoot. It is very noticeable when shooting on black. Another disappointment with this camera. It is very sensitive and when I run it tethered to an 13”m1 Mack book pro, I constantly have in camera software crashes using capture one. 

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Well as I mentioned above I was about to order a 100s.  I did.  It's FANTASTIC, but it does experience some hot pixels.  Not too many, but that was only after 5-6 months of (everyday) use.  I was away in the Yukon and Alaska for 53 days and with over 9,000 raw files I did notice some dead/hot pixels.  

Not sure what I'm going to do other than re-map.  

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