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XT200 saving image / recipe settings


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Hi, I'm looking at getting my first fuji mirrorless camera and had my heart set on the xt200 for it's small size / weight and seemingly very good image capabilities.

However, I've read that there is only one slot for saving custom image settings like saturation, color etc. And not sure if possible to save a customised recipe.

I'm going to be doing stills and would like to have a lot of different settings in camera to try different styles (without having to go onto computer). If there is only one slot for saving these customised settings, can anyone recommend another x series camera which would be small but have this ability to save lots of custom settings?




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The X-S10 has the greatest flexibility in saving custom settings - its a bit bigger and heavier but much more capable than the X-T200


Otherwise the X-T30 and X-E4 are small and have the capability of saving multiple sets of image quality settings


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Thanks for your reply! I see the xt20 seems to have the same capabilities as the xt30 in this regard. For stills photography I'm leaning towards it, unless there is anything meaningfully different between the two or there are strong reasons (besides the later sensor tech) to get an xt30 instead (I'm a beginner).

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