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Long Eye Cup for X-T10?

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Rented the X-T10 to see if it’s right for me, and immediately see that the viewfinder eye cup barely protrudes out, making for a squashed nose against the screen situation, which I also found with the X-T1. Luckily, Fujifilm made a Long Eye Cup for X-T1 which was only $15, but it doesn’t appear as if there is one available for the X-T10. This is a real deal breaker for me, because even with my nose crushed against the back display, I still can’t see all of the EVF.

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I suppose at Fuji they might consider doing this for the X-T10 too although I suspect that they did it with the X-T1 in the first place because the first version of the eyecup (apparently because I never had that problem) kept of falling off.


I don’t even know if the eyecup of the X-10 is removable and replaceable, is it?


Some people hacked the X-T1 eyecup and made another longer one by grafting other eyecups onto it


As you can see here






So, you might go down the same road.


It is possible that as the camera finds a larger market share, more third party accessories will appear on the market, whether made by some Chinese company or way more expensively by some western counterpart.

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