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Use of EF X8 as commander

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The EF-X8 Flash with XT3 can be used as commander to trigger off camera flash. The manual and Flash selling official websites say that. The settings or procedure is nowhere explained.  Can somebody please explain.


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I use the EF-X8 flash as a commander since I came to Fujifilm X-system nearly two years ago. I use it with an array of legacy flash units, sometimes as many as five at a time. Most of my photography is flash, even in daylight. I am pleasantly surprised at how well this arrangement works, even in bright sunlight.

You will not be able find a straightforward and complete description of operation because the Fuji manual stops with the commander mode of the Fuji flash. They simply cannot provide instructions for the multitude of third party flashes. From there, however, it is very simple. You must use an off camera flash capable of, and set to optical slave mode. That's it! It will fire now. Beyond that, the features of your flash are mostly available, except TTL and perhaps high speed sync. Check your flash manual, and any features it says are available in slave mode will be available to you.

Keep in mind the other modes of the EF-X8 will also fire a remote flash, but will interfere with the exposure. There is no interference with exposure in commander mode.

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