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Lens noise


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Hi all. The other day I was in the house and it was dead quiet, and when I turned on the camera I noticed that all of the time it was switched on, the 16-80 lens was noisy - I assume the focusing motor making a noise. I have never noticed this before, on any camera that I have had, although it could just be that I have simply never noticed. The reason I have posted this is that you can see from another post that I have had on-going issues with the number of photos I can get from a single battery charge. The camera body has been back to Fujifilm on three occasions and they have not found any issue with it.

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16 hours ago, botty1963 said:

I switched off the IBIS completely and still the noise.

It is the IBIS system that is in a parked position. Switching off means putting the system in a parked position which is an activity that also generates a little noise. All cameras of all brands with IBIS do that. Nothing to worry about.

Happy shooting.


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