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Capture One Pro 8 Film Simulations

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Hey there,


i am new to this forum and this will be my first post.


As a faithful fujirumors reader i decided to register today, because i have something i like to share with you.


I found a workaround to use the film simulations we all appreciate in capture one pro. 


All the work and all the credits belong to Scottie Wang who made this possible. Thank you, Scottie  :)


He made some pretty cool icc profiles that can be used in capture one pro 8 to simulate all the films we know.


Due to file size limits in this forum i have to make several zip files with each simulation in sRGB and Adobe RGB.


To install (on a mac) put that icc in this folder : ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles


If you made it right, it should be looking like this:


Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

Simply register for free here – We are always happy to welcome new members!


You can flyover with the mouse and have an instant preview on your image. I love this very much so i like to share this with everybody who is enthusiastic about fujifilm!


I just need to be reviewed because i am new and i will upload all icc profiles here in this post.


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This profiles are not from adobe.


I like to quote an aswer of scottie wang, who did this awesome Job:




"I always download source RAW from imaging-resource. They always have quality shots and it's totally free.


For my profiling process, I use three commercial software listed below.


1.PICTOCOLOR INCAMERA : for ICC profiling (32bit photoshop needed)


support chart->http://www.pictocolor.com/incamera.htm


2.PICTOCOLOR EditLab Pro : for profile fine tune


3.Babel Color Patchtool : color matrix Extraction


process in brief


step1.Use Patchtool to extract your OOC picture , the extracted file need further editing to get the right matrix text format.


step2.Open the souce RAW, set ICC to "Adobe RGB 1998", use C1PRO to export 16bit TIFF.


*I always export in Adobe RGB. If I wanna do ARGB->SRGB color conversion, I would do it in photoshop.


step3.Open file from step 2 in photoshop, run INCAMERA plugin and include file from step 1 to extract the ICC


step4.Use EditLab Pro to fine tune ICC ,and it's done


There is indeed some freeware for ICC profiling. (COCA, Argyll...)


I believe there must be some way using these freeware to get the same results as mine.


But I didn't spend lots time on it, maybe you can try them by yourself."





I cannot. So i am very grateful someone did.


The profiles work very good for me. I compared with ooc images (Same RAW) and noticed just very little differences. Very little.

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