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Unable to import fotos into Lightroom Classic


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I recently purchased an  X-S10, I've had an X-Pro2 for a long time. My work flow is to copy the fotos to a seagate hard drive, then only import the images I want to work on into Lightroom. This workds fine for the X-Pro2. But Lightroom cannot access the X-s10 files. I also had an 100s, that worked just fine with lightroom. Does the X-S10 require a different workflow?

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The X-S10 has a slightly different RAW format from older Fujifilm cameras. If you have an older version of Lightroom (one that is not updated online automatically), it probably can't open them directly. You might have to convert them using a Fujifilm or third-party program.

OTOH, if your problem is with JPGs...that would be weird.

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It’s the same for me with Capture One 20 (the actual version is 21). 
You can free download Capture One Express Fuji 21, open your X-S10 raw files with it and then save them in Tiff mode you then could open in Lightroom Classic. 

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