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Hello everyone,

I fell into the fuji world almost two years ago when I wanted to change my old Pentax APSC for a full frame 🤣, because I was convinced to take better, more detailed photos, etc. ... with a full format.

I cannot thank enough the seller who invited me to discover the brand via a fujifilm x-factory convention ...

Since then I fell in love with their cameras and I bought an X-T3 as a kit with a 18-55 which I have completed over time with a 90, a 35 f2 and recently the 50-140. I even did a trick on the third side with a wonderful Laowa 65 f2.8 macro.

It is natural that I follow the fujiXrumors blog every day in order to be informed of the information before the official announcements and that I discovered this forum.

If I could make one wish right now ... that my theory be confirmed 😁 ... The release of a super bright triptych 18, 33, 56 in anticipation of a new generation of unique sensor (which I hope will be the famous CMOS OPFs so long awaited for more than 10 years 🤞🤞🤞). Well the 18 is already there, remains the 33 which is long overdue and the 56 seems to be under study, remains the biggest pieces, the OPF CMOS sensors> do not break my dreams please.

Otherwise, I hope to make some great discoveries on this forum.

See you soon >>>



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