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Eye / Face Detect turning itself ON when it was manually turned OFF

Tom W

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Hello to all.  I hope this has not been covered - I have not been able to locate this specific issue in the threads thus far - perhaps I am not searching for the right topic so I am sorry if this has been addressed.  Recently, within the last couple of XT-4 updates I have noticed a change in my settings I cannot account for.  I typically shoot landscape and wildlife images.  Frequently of late, when I turn the camera on and begin to shoot I notice I do not have control of my photometry and after shooting for a couple of minutes I realize that face detect settings have turned themselves back on after I have previously turned them off.  I go into the Q menu and have to turn face detect OFF and then reshoot my images with the proper photometry settings enabled.  When I turn the camera off and come back to it later I am finding that face detect has turned itself back on without my having prompted it to do so.  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this, if it is a normal "default" for it to be on at start up and if there is a way to gain full control of the setting to only engage it when you need it?  


I have read multiple issues involving the face/eye detect turning itself OFF due to certain in camera settings but I have found nothing about it repeatedly turning itself on.  Thank you to any who might understand what is causing this.

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