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How do you expose LOG? (and preview a LUT)


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Do you just set the normal exposure, the one you would use when recording with a Film Simulation? Or do you overexpose in relation to that normal exposure? Do you use any exposure meter, grey card, or just looking at the image and the histogram?

If you overexpose, for example, 2 points (in relation to the normal exposure), do you always overexpose 2 points unless the histogram peaks, and in that case you overexpose a little less?

I am talking about 10 bits LOG. I have the Fuji XT3 which doesn’t have LUT preview and I don’t have a monitor with that option either. I am going to rent a monitor soon, so I would like to know…

How does a LUT preview work? I mean, if I expose LOG the same as I would do it with a Film Simulation, I guess the LUT preview would show me a well exposed and balanced image. But if I am overexposing the LOG video let’s say 2 points (in relation to the normal exposure), does the LUT preview show and overexposed image or is it possible to underexpose the preview?

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How do you expose fLog?  Turn on your zebras to 100% and set your camera to Shutter Speed fixed, Aperture fixed and ISO to Auto.  Increase the exposure compensation until you see zebras in the area were you want to retain some detail.  Then back off the exposure compensation until the zebras are just gone--typically this is about 1 2/3 stops over exposure.

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