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GFX50s automated focus bracketing

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Has anyone experienced problems with GFX50 automated focus bracketing since the last firmware update? I am on 4.20 and I can't get it to take more than one frame.

It still works on manual with no problem. I have drive set to focus bracketing, electronic shutter and do the complete procedure of setting focus at A then B. I've tried it by then pressing the back button and also without. I've tried on manual focus and auto single. I've tried with several lenses and I have also tried resetting to factory default. Thoughts?

Is it possible/ advisable to revert to the previous firmware to test that as the cause?

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Well, it turns out it was operator error after all. Perhaps this can help others who are similarly confused!

I was pressing ok to set point A and then refocusing for point B and then pressing ok again to set. DO NOT PRESS OK A SECOND TIME. This just resets point A, leaving point B unset so only one frame is taken.

I'm either dim or tired.....


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