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Travel to Italy: X100T or X-E2?

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up taking the X100T only and had a blast with such a small kit. There were very few times I wished I had more reach. If you're interested, the best (imho) of my many shots can be found here: https://dbspano.smugmug.com/Street-Photography/Italy.



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Some great shots.


Feel they could have been improved upon with maybe the optional Canon 1Dx2, a carbon tripod and selection of top end L class glass :-D

(Or the Nikon equivalent).


Seriously though, you comfortably prove the point as to why you only need something like a X-100T for trips like that.

Not all shots are those that would appeal to me - but they demonstrate the ability of the camera and its user ;-)

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Nice shots..are these RAW or JPEG, any pp?



I shot raw and did very minimal work--a little cropping and sharpening--in post. I used Adobe's version of the Fuji film simulations in Lightroom.



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I'm HEAVILY in favor of the lightweight x100T.

i'm a professional photog with a couple of xt1s and and have owned the xe1 and xe2... last year went on a 2 week trip to france with only the x100T.  because you can put it in a coat pocket, you don't even notice it, won't want to ever leave it in the hotel.


while the xe2 and the kit lens is pretty small, i feel it requires a small bag... whereas the x100t is so light you sometimes have to check if it's really on your shoulder.  


so... my two cents.

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When traveling abroad, I always take a backup camera, so my suggestion would be to take both cameras. A few years ago, I climbed to the top of Mount Vesuvius, where I planned to take photos of the splendid views of the volcano, Pompeii, and Naples. Unfortunately, my camera, a Leica, malfunctioned and stopped working. That afternoon, I went to a camera store in Naples and bought another camera, but I didn't have time to reshoot the views from Vesuvius. If I had taken a backup camera, things would have been a lot simpler and more productive.

Good point, but defeats the purpose of traveling light because my iphone is perfectly suitable as a backup in a pinch. 

Instead of a second camera, I'd rather have a small flash (EF-X20) and my X100T.

I use to carry my XT-1 with 2-3 lenses on trips, but since owning the X100T, I can't imagine traveling with anything else.

Having a small hot-shoe flash has been invaluable as well.

The size and features of the X100T with the EF-X20 in the Ona leather Bowery make them a perfect travel combo.

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