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X100f in camera Provia / Standard not close to LRC Provia / Standard (Purples)

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New to fuji and no luck with searching.  Shooting RAW with Provia / Standard.  Sunset colors have a beautiful purple hue.  Importing into LRC with same preset or adding preset after the fact are not even close to what's in camera.  Acros b&w imports as it should retaining camera settings.  Photo Mechanic shows colors same as in camera.  

Any ideas?

Solved: Auto White Balance was accidentally set to +9


In Camera.png


LRC with preset.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 12.49.19 PM.png

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Thank you for the clarity.  I guess I was assuming that the Provia / Standard in camera and in LRC should be at least close to each other?  Is that not true or is something else going on?  I can adjust temp and tint (+80) to get it close but it seems extreme.



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I am not an Adobe user but I am well read on this topic and have spent considerable time in Capture One exploring this area in the past.  

Fuji gives you a lot of variables you can adjust for the JPEG, highlights, shadows, saturation, sharpening, dynamic range, WB shift, etc. The raw file will not carry those settings into your RAW editor, though the RAW file will have a “preview” embedded in it. It is my understanding that the previews do carry the affects of those settings. These previews are not used in the RAW editors as the RAW editors generate their own preview files. My guess would also be that Photomechanic is showing the embedded preview file (which is why, in part, it is so fast). Try out having all those variables set to zero and see how the files compare. Dynamic Range would need to be set to 100.

There has been a lot of articles on the web comparing the Fuji profiles to the Adobe and Capture One renditions with side by side images. They’ve looked close, not a perfect match. Subtle differences exist, not enough to account for the difference in your images above. By the way, Acros in camera also models grain into the image which I understand doesn’t happen automatically when you select the Acros simulation in Adobe or Capture One (though you can add it separately).

Hope this helps you out,



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