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Program AE: how??


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I've got my lens on A, iso on A, shutter dial on A.

But the aperture is NOT set automatically, it stays stuck on whatever aperture I've set it at manually, using the command wheel.

How do I turn my X-T4 into Program AE please?

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Let me rephrase, if you press the front wheel, it should return to exposure compensation (+/-). This should return the aperture to auto.

If that doesn’t work, you need to go into your settings (wrench, dials settings, command dial) and set it to auto.

Disclosure, I never use the front wheel to set aperture and I don’t have my manual with me so I am not sure how you got to the settings you are on. I did confirm on my X-T2 that command dial on auto, iso, shutter speed and aperture all on A functions as Program AE.

Hope this helps,


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