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Hacked Site

andrew brown

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The forum is not hacked. It's just that a few Spammers registered and spread fake threads. Here is the explanation of Forum Admin Andreas in another thread:


The registration to the forum MUST be open - we want new members and we welcome everyone.
Spammers use this open door and start pestering us after they got in.

Of course we take measures to keep such people out but this is eternal game of Hare and Tortoise (in German it's Hase und Igel).
We manage to keep 99% out but when 1% get through they use this gap until we close it.


Your personal data is a completely different thing: These are not meant to be open (like the registration process) thus they are much more save.


You can compare it to a bank.

Yes, the door is open. But only the front door to leave in our customers.
Nasty guys like spammers mix with the customers and are not always easy to identify.
They get into the customer area (=forum) and start spreading their spam.

The vault of a bank (= our databases) is a completely different issue: By definition not meant to open to the public and so much easier to protect.

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