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Hi - I recently purchased a X-E4 with the 15-45mm zoom after having been a Nikon user many years back as I'd like to get back into photography.

There are a few things that really bothers me and that I am hoping I can change, but don't know how:

1. Of the three most important data items (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO), the LCD and the EVF only display one on P mode (ISO) and two in A mode (aperture and ISO). In order to see the shutter speed that the camera would select in these modes, I have to press the release button halfway down.

2. In P mode, I can select whether turning the front wheel changes shutter speed or aperture or ISO, but in fact when I select shutter speed or aperture and then turn the front wheel, nothing changes (and as per #1 above, I only see ISO displayed). Only if I select ISO for the front wheel and then turn the front wheel, do I actually see ISO changing - but then I don't see how it affects shutter speed and aperture until I actually press the release button halfway down

This seems wrong - or am I wrong? 

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