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Xt4 rear dial system


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I’ve been blown away by fujifilm’s color science. Because of that, I’m ready to take the leap from Sony. But I have one hesitation - I shoot a bit of surf photography from the water and the retro dials (although beautiful and practical on land) seem to present some potential challenges in water housings since most housings I’ve seen don’t allow photographers use of the exposure dial.

This could be remedied by setting exposure comp. to the rear dial, but without an XT4 to try this on, I have no clue if it’s even possible. Any one familiar with those settings and that possibility? My photography will greatly appreciate the info!

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Hi Dybo, you can assign exp. compensation to the rear command dial. Please find the online owner manual here: FUJIFILM X-T4 Owner’s Manual (fujifilm-dsc.com) and look in the SETUP/Button-dial setting menu. 

As for the color science of Fujifilm, that is mostly linked to their excellent jpeg engine and film simulations for jpegs. When shooting raw the 'color science' is less obvious and for skin tones in fact a bit problematic. I'm a fashion/make-up portrait shooter and getting rid of the magenta/green color cast in skin tones (depending color temp) is actually a bit more work with Fuji raw files (my reference is Leica, Nikon and Hasselblad).

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