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Green light flashing on camera, camera recognised, but message 'Waiting for camera'

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Hi all,

I have a new X-S10 and made some pictures in Fijufilm compressed RAW image format. Now I want to convert them to some other format using Fijifilm X RAW Studio on my 2020 iMac with macOS Big Sur. All software is latest version.

X RAW Studio is connecting to the camera, but the green light in the camera doesn't stop flashing and the software keeps telling me that it is waiting for the camera. When I quit the software after a while, the green light on the camera continues to flash. I have to take out the battery to make the camera reusable.

Please help! I'm really desperate.

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I haven't used X RAW very much, but in many such cases, people forget to change the setting in their connection menu.

If that's not your issue, you might consider downloading the free Capture One Express that you get by registering your camera online and use that to convert the files (or even edit some photos).

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How about a different approach?


This should read your compressed files and it gives you the means to convert them to other formats (TIFF, JPEG) as well as make a lot of other edits; tone, white balance, fulm simulation, orientation, cropping, etc. before the conversion.

Since you are on a Mac, you can set the camera menu’s PC Connection Mode to USB CARD READER, connect the camera to your Mac and use Image Capture to copy the files to your computer’s drive.

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What are you wanting to use X Raw Studio to accomplish?

The Raw Converter program will let you apply all of the Fujifilm simulations to the raw files.

Also note the X-S10’s playback menu will let you choose a raw image and convert it in camera to a jpeg file, applying the various available settings to the conversion.

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This may help:



The first link is for Fujifilm in the United States, the second link gives you a listing for Fujifilm in other parts of the world. There is not really a direct “report bugs here” link.

They will probably be curious as to how an unknown meta tag appears in a file.

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