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What framerate for Youtube videos?


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Hello. I saw a video where they sad that the screen on most phones, laptops etc has 60 Hz wich mean that the screen is updating 60 times per second and therefor the fps choosen for video should be 30 fps (or 60). But my XF10 dont support 30 fps. Any suggestions what fps is best suited for youtubevideos?



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I have never heard of a camera that doesn't support 30 fps. On Fujifilm cameras, it often appears as 29.97, which is technically correct but might be confusing.

In any case, you cannot go wrong with 30 fps (or 29.97) on YouTube or anywhere else.

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The 29.97 number comes from the old days of broadcast television. It was a means to allow color tv to work with the previous black and white broadcasts and not make everyone have to go buy a new tv until they wanted to. It was called theNTSCstandard. This changed in the US a few years back when the entire over the air broadcasting went digital. Other countries (Europe) went with the PAL standard of 25 frames per second. This may help explain:


If you know of any older video folks they can tell you hair curdling tales of problems they would face in trying to convert the older video into the newer standards. 🤢

For the most part, you will be okay using 29.97 or 30 frames per second. Today’s software usually have no problems converting between the two.

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