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Streetphotography (open thread)


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II wouldn't say that. I'd say the title is very unfortunate, not because I am shocked but because I firmly believe a phtograph's interpretation should be up to the viewer, it's not the role of the photographer to tell people how they should interpret it. Something like Street Name - Year would be much better imo. I don't like titles that are oriented because they seem to imply the viewer is not intelligent enough to make a link on his own about what's happening, so he needs the help of the pohotgrapher to explain him what it's about.



Interesting point. I, sometimes, keep thinking about a title to put on my shots, because I feel weird about leaving the camera file name.  Never thought of just putting the location and letting the view figure out whatever they want.

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Thank you citral. Bilbao, Spain.

Where they built the Guggenheim museum




sorry for the OT pic


Beautiful Shot!! Planning to go there in september! What lens did you use on this shot?


10mm with the 10-24, beautiful.  Just checked on your site.  I can't seem to find a way to delete the post, so I just edited with the info :-)

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Nepal with the Xpro-1


10341449725_aa9e75fabd_h.jpgLook out over Bhaktapur by Manolo, on Flickr



excellent shot and perspective! 

But please allow me a little criticism concerning the image processing: the sky is obviously darkened a little bit sloppy and as a result of this the transition between sky and the wooden beams in the foreground shows a pretty visible white edge... The same with the hills in the background: towards the houses you forgot to ad polarization or what ever you used. I think a little bit more editing of this stunning pic and will be perfect! 



Sadly this place probably doesn't exist anymore due to the earthquake.... Bhaktapur was hit pretty hard. I wish all the best to the Nepalese people!!! 



Harry Angel 

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Hiding the wide-angle? Failed! by KwyjiboVanDeKamp Oh sorry, this isn't a Fuji cam shot. Hope you still like it.



Black & white night snack by KwyjiboVanDeKamp, auf Flickr



Tomatoes by KwyjiboVanDeKamp, auf Flickr



Roaring by KwyjiboVanDeKamp, auf Flickr



Through the flames by KwyjiboVanDeKamp, auf Flickr



Workin' by KwyjiboVanDeKamp, auf Flickr

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    • I've tried a number of lens hoods, but they all have the disadvantage of not being able to fit the lens cap when not in use. This one is specifically designed to take the standard lens cap and even has a soft rubber ring to ensure a snug fit. Very nicely made in anodised aluminium. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252370651839?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 (not connected to seller)
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    • Ah a flick of the 'Auto' lever has fixed it! Why do they have to make things so obscure! If it said in the manual 'ES not available in Auto mode' that would have made life so much easier! Anyway, thanks for your help @Greybeard!
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