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No Fuji, but Hello!

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Im amateur photographer, I used films cameras a lot in the past : all kinds, randefinders (Bessa, Leica, Iskra, FED) , SLRs (Olympus OM, Nikon F, Minolta) , medium format Bronica SQ (still have it) , also user of digital Sony and Nikon systems .   Most of that stuff is gone.  

But , last couple of years I totally switched to mobile phones, and this is boring..... phone cameras are good to post something to social media (and that's what mobile photo was invented for),

but i dont feel satisfaction when I SHOOT with phones... I have one of the most sophisticated camera phones Huawei P30 Pro which have manual modes and RAW, but it's all feels wrong and awkward to use. Im missing real mechanical dials and buttons, and that's the reason why I'm looking to Fujifilm X family bodies.  

I didn't choose camera (yet) form my needs, but more inclined into rangefinder-styled bodies (X-E3, X-E4 or X-Pro 2) with small set of prime lenses. That's similar form-factor to cameras I used in the film era. 



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That's interesting. I have the same background in older film cameras, switched to Sony digital in 2014, and in 2018 started just using my phone as well...and I even got a bunch of good pictures. But the shutter lag and lack of longer lenses drove me crazy, so at the beginning of this year I picked up a X-S10 and I've been going like gangbusters (10,000 shots in less than 3 months) ever since. And doing bird photography for the first time, and wow is that technically challenging!

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Now i'm official in the Fuji X team 🙂

I was looking for black body, but it's rare and more expensive. This one was slightly used and I got it with great discount (demo camera from photo store), but in perfect condition - no signs of use at all, packed in the original factory package. 

I haven't figured out all the menu functions yet , but controlling exposure parameters is very simple and intuitive, just like in old-school film cameras. Love the simplicity! 






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