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Cannot pair new x 10 with iPhone using the camera remote app

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First time using a fuji and after just receiving the camera in the mail I’m having trouble pairing the camera to my phone.

In the phone I’ve selected pairing registration and it’s in searching mode.

on my phone I’ve turned on Bluetooth and I’m connected to the WiFi.

on the camera remote app I’ve added the x 10 and selected the closest lens possible. The actual lens does not appear in the list.

the manual says that once I proceed past selecting the lens on the app I will have an option to pair with the camera. I don’t. It gives me the option to import images even though I don’t have them paired yet. when I click it brings up a connect to camera screen. It says “searching” but never finds anything. 

on the camera eventually it says smartphone not found, check your smartphone settings.

what a complete bummer. Is this what is in store for me with fuji products?

how do I  actually connect my camera to my smartphone?

I've also tried connecting the camera to my laptop via the usb but it isn't included. I'm so disappointed with Fuji.


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I don't know anything about iPhones, and my X-S10 connected via the Android app first time and every time with no issues, but on Android you can clear all data and reinitialize the app to solve problems like this. Maybe try reinstalling the app and restarting your phone.

However...when you say you're "connected to the WiFi", do you mean the WiFi broadcast by the camera?

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    • I haven't experienced any issues as of yet.
    • I've ordered one but it's still on backorder. 🙁
    • The X-S10 is my first Fuji camera, for me it makes photography more fun while getting professional results. I've been a Pentax user since the 1970's but I'm very happy with the decision to purchase Fuji over other camera brands.
    • Hey all, bought a used X-T3 body for $850 shipped over a Fuji buy/sell group on Facebook, all checks out and the seller was very professional. Camera shipped with original box and in essentially mint condition cosmetically, except for when testing it this afternoon I noticed that the direction arrow buttons (around the Menu/OK button) were "sticky," or felt like maybe there was some debris inside them. They were clicking reliably, but some clicks would feel soft and then others would feel crunchy/hard. My X-T2 doesn't have this issue, so I know what the d-pad is supposed to feel like. Strangely, if I sort of rapidly click each of the buttons maybe 10 times each, the issue completely goes away and then an hour or so later if I pick up the camera again it's back. It's nothing dealbreaking, and doesn't take away functionally from the camera, but I'm trying to see what kind of avenues I might be able to take to address it. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it? Is it a known problem, and may it get worse over time? Google didn't turn up any search results for the D-pad specifically being "sticky" feeling, only shutter buttons and joysticks.
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