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Probleme after firmware updates

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Hi All,

I'm new to the X-H1 so please forgive my ignorance if these are well known problems and fixes.

I updated to the latest firmware 2.12 last night and since then have run in to two issues that make the camera all but unusable, so any help or advice would be much appreciated.

(1) I'm using vintage Leica prime lenses, so manual focus using the EVF. The EVF sometimes shows the whole frame and sometimes zooms in on a part of the frame. When this happens it's great for manual focus but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when/if it happens or which part of the frame will be selected. A half press on the shutter release and the EVF switches to the full frame. I did briefly think the zoom was in response to me blinking but now don't.

(2) Playback just doesn't work at all. Pressing the playback button brings up a random shot, usually the last shot taken. Twiddling the rear command dial occasionally results in random zooming into the image but as often as not nothing happens or there's a brief glitch of the rear display. The rear joy stick seems completely inactive. The gallery view of shots taken is completely inaccessible. Sometimes the camera will lock up which can be cleared by turning it off.

The camera previously had firmware 2.01 installed and didn't display these issues.

I've done a full reset to no avail and even thought about rolling back the firmware. Fuji don't seem to allow this, I'm still googling to try and find a way to roll back the firmware, so if anyone knows how to do this please let me know.

Apologies for my first post being a cry for help

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By default, the rear command dial rotates to zoom in and out of the selected image during playback.  Zooming all the way out goes from full image, to images taken that day, to all images.  The front command dial below the shutter button goes back and forth from picture to picture, you can scroll through all the pics on the card.

Using a manual lens while shooting, the rear command dial, when pushed, zooms in and turning it gives you smaller or larger zoomed in view.  Then the front command dial does third steps shutter speed, whereas the rear dial does this when not being used for zooming in on manual focus.  Seems a little confusing, there is probably a way to change it, but I don't know how.

Hope this helps.

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