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Can anyone recommend the X100V book https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Guide-Fujifilms-X100V/dp/1716938864/ref=pd_sbs_2?pd_rd_w=rubt8&pf_rd_p=2419a049-62bf-452e-b0d0-ca5b7e35a7b4&pf_rd_r=0B25JFM290XD677358PH&pd_rd_r=3e170b28-1bd1-46f8-9952-ab97260a4d00&pd_rd_wg=6R5wp&pd_rd_i=1716938864&psc=1 ?

I see a book as a different, additional way to get to know the X100V. Some books are not available yet and others do get pretty bad reviews. 

So maybe my question should rather be: is there anyone who can recommend a book on the X100V, and if so, what book? 

Many thanks. 

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I just purchased the on line version of this (comes with free updates) and so far it seems pretty good.  The announced 

Rico Pfirstinger's new book, "The Fujifilm X100v: 101 X-Pert Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Camera" has been canceled according to the publisher.

Sylvester (Rocky Nook) 

Apr 15, 2021, 10:14 PDT 

Hi Rene,
I apologize for the confusion. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, this book was canceled and will not be published.


Rocky Nook Customer Support

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