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Recommendation for GFX100S?

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Hello all good evening. My name is Charlie Calleja and I had been living with a stormy mind these last three months trying to decide which is my next camera fuji GFX 100s  or sony alpha 1.  I shoot both stills and videos. I like doing both. As to crispy clips i prefer  sony and so far i will not change it for its incredible picture sharpness. Fuji  i have the X series but most photos come blurred hand held shots.  With the introduction of the GFX 100s in body  stabilizer this is tempting me to go for it, though its not that good on video from what i am reading.

What is your opinion please.  Thank you for your time

good day and happy Easter


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  • Olaf W. changed the title to Recommendation for GFX100S?

These are two very different cameras and if you’re equally value stills and video I wouldn’t recommend a GFX100(S) for that. We’ve had the GFX100 here for a couple of months and though it is great for stills, it is a bit cumbersome for video. The AF works fine in single mode, but in continuous mode when shooting video, it can hunt quite a bit depending the lens and it often looses focus with moving subjects. Next to that the processor in the GFX100(S) is still the same as in the X-T3 and 4 and with the pixel downsampling (from 100MP sensor to about 10MP for 4K) it struggles in processing power. Don’t get me wrong, the GFX can do video, but its certainly not designed for that like the A1.

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    • I haven't experienced any issues as of yet.
    • I've ordered one but it's still on backorder. 🙁
    • The X-S10 is my first Fuji camera, for me it makes photography more fun while getting professional results. I've been a Pentax user since the 1970's but I'm very happy with the decision to purchase Fuji over other camera brands.
    • Hey all, bought a used X-T3 body for $850 shipped over a Fuji buy/sell group on Facebook, all checks out and the seller was very professional. Camera shipped with original box and in essentially mint condition cosmetically, except for when testing it this afternoon I noticed that the direction arrow buttons (around the Menu/OK button) were "sticky," or felt like maybe there was some debris inside them. They were clicking reliably, but some clicks would feel soft and then others would feel crunchy/hard. My X-T2 doesn't have this issue, so I know what the d-pad is supposed to feel like. Strangely, if I sort of rapidly click each of the buttons maybe 10 times each, the issue completely goes away and then an hour or so later if I pick up the camera again it's back. It's nothing dealbreaking, and doesn't take away functionally from the camera, but I'm trying to see what kind of avenues I might be able to take to address it. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it? Is it a known problem, and may it get worse over time? Google didn't turn up any search results for the D-pad specifically being "sticky" feeling, only shutter buttons and joysticks.
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