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XT3- LCD preview image colours different to final image

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I just started using the Fuji XT3 and I'm having an issue with the colours of my final images. I custom set the white balance and in the LCD and EVF preview the photos are perfectly white balanced and exposed, however when I opened them on my laptop, the white background appeared more grey, and the overall image is more subdued. Is this normal or is there a setting I need to change?


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LCD and EVF do not show a „real“ preview. Use the exposure indicator and/or the histogram to set the exposure.

Also, you could try to change the settings for the LCD/EVF in the setup menu, as stated in the manual:


Select PREVIEW EXP./WB to enable exposure and white balance preview in manual exposure mode, or choose PREVIEW WB to preview only white balance. Select OFFwhen using a flash or on other occasions on which exposure may change when the picture is taken.



Choose ON to preview the effects of film simulation, white balance, and other settings in the monitor, OFF to make shadows in low-contrast, back-lit scenes and other hard-to-see subjects more visible.


If OFF is selected, the effects of camera settings will not be visible in the monitor and colors and tone will differ from those in the final picture. The display will however be adjusted to show the effects of advanced filters and of monochrome and sepia settings.

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Adding to the good advice from Olaf: you’re not mentioning whether you look at raw or jpeg images on your computer. If its jpeg you may want to check which film simulation is active. Some film simulations have subdued colors and whites can be a bit greyish or blue-ish depending on the WB set. Most neutral ones are Provia and Pro Neg Std. The selected film simulation will also impact the preview jpeg in the raw file. Finally, did you calibrate you laptop monitor?

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