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Difficulty in viewing scenes with my XT-3 through both the LCD and EVF when the sun is very bright - the scene appears dark


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I have difficulty in viewing scenes with my XT-3 through both the LCD and EVF when the sun is very bright sun - the scene appears dark.

The relevant parameters that I am using are as follows:

EVF brightness: -1, LCD brightness: +3, Natural live view: off (I want a natural view of how the scene looks).

In searching for information regarding this matter, I see that some people recommended not using the auto feature, and used negative values for EVF brightness and positive values for LCD brightness; however, this does not seem to help much in very sunny situations. When the scene is not particularly sunny, I see through both the EVF and LCD fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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11 hours ago, stevem44 said:

Thanks a lot! I will check this.



set evf brightness to +5 to increase the brightness of evf , thereby you can see more clearly in sunlight through evf. also set lcd brightness to +5 to get maximum brightness from lcd in sunlight . negative values means lower brightness thus darker image , so always go up the positive value's up to the max (+5) ,if you still have difficulty in seeing in sunlight . then jerryy's method will work . i hope this helps . have a nice day ahead !

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