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Locking the focus area.


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This problem had really p**sed me off, BUT there is a new update which addresses it - thank goodness. After installation go to wrench (spanner), button/dial and go right to the end of the options were you will find a LOCK function. Click on that and you will be given a whole list of buttons/dials which you can lock, one of which is the focus lever. Hallelujah - it works! No more worrying about where the focus point has gone after the camera has been swinging around your clothing on the end of the strap.

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I have my back focus button enabled and remember assigning AF-Lock as well to the same button. I am not sure it works/worked, because today while I set my focus using the 'back button focus' and roamed around clicking more pics. Noticed that most of the shots were not in focus and also noticed the focus point had moved away from the centre. I will explore the new settings that Bro. @Alchymist has mentioned. Thanks.

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