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“However, the X-T20 also features a full Auto mode that can be accessed with a flip of a switch. When Auto is engaged, none of the dials serve any purpose and the camera will simply attempt to use all the best settings.  It’s worth noting that RAW is not available in the Auto mode.”

https://admiringlight.com/blog/review-fujifilm-x-t20/#:~:text=However%2C the X-T20 also features a full Auto,RAW is not available in the Auto mode.

It sounds like stay out of full auto mode and you should be okay to use raw.

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    • By widespace
      I bought a new Fuji X-T3 and went to take some pictures, JPG + RAF.  I used two SIM cards (one as a backup).  When I got back home, I started uploading all of them to my computer (Mac).  I removed the main SIM card from the camera and plugged it into a multi/card reader, the same way I always do.  There were in total: RAF = 147 photos, and JPG = 159 photos.  I was able to upload: RAF = 75 photos (51%), and JPG = 117 photos (74%).  After those photos were uploaded, an error message appeared in the screen: THE FINDER CAN’T COMPLETE THE OPERATION BECAUSE SOME DATA IN (NAME OF THE NEXT PICTURE) CAN’T BE READ OR WRITTEN. ERROR CODE -36.  No more photos were uploaded, even when I tried several times.  I also tried doing the process one photo at a time, and also repeated the process with the second SIM card.  Same results.
      Thinking that the two SIM cards were corrupted or damaged at the same time (???), I then tried to format and take some more pictures with another SIM card and to upload them to the computer.  The same situation and exact message came up over.  I am able to see all the pictures (RAF & JPG) directly from the SIM cards connected to the Mac, I just can’t upload them to it.  My frustration is that 51% of the RAF, and 74% of the JPG photos were already uploaded using the same method, devices, computer, etc., without any problem, and then just stopped.
      What can I do or check for?  Is that something to do with the way the camera store the photos in the SIM card?  Again, it performed as expected PARTIALLY, and then stopped!
      Thank you for your advise.

    • By hillytimes
      My X-Pro2 isn't giving me the option to switch between Jpeg to RAW/Jpeg, within 'image quality' I'm just given 'Normal' and 'Fine'. Can anyone help?
      thanks :)
    • By davidknibb
      Not sure if this is the correct forum.
      I have XT20 and  XE1 (and Nikon D300 and D5300)
      2 laptops and a desktop all running Debian Buster (10) and the USB connection works fine.  Also an INTEL NUC running linux MINT and the USB works fine for all 4 cameras.
      Now I've bought and assembled a new INTEL NUC and installed Debian 10 again.  I've updated the BIOS
      the D5300 mounts, the D5300 does not mount and needs GTKAM.
      The 2 fuji cameras also need GTKAM - and will not automount.
      Any suggestions as to why the fuji cameras automount on some machines and not others, when the operating system is identical (apart from MINT)
      I've run out of ideas I'm afraid
    • By Igor Olegich
      Hello everyone! Who, therefore, thinks about?
      X RAW STUDIO why not on iOS / Android tablets? This is so obvious! Convenience and mobility of use! Has anyone told them about this? How to send them to think!
    • By Thubten
      I have used cameras for a long time, none of them weather sealed, without any damage from water or dust.In fact I don't recall it even being an issue.But now I am deciding between an xt2 and xt20 ,mainly on this basis and the $700 price difference.I will never be out in the rain with this gear, but it will be exposed to ordinary dust, and perhaps high tropical humidity.I am leaning towards the xt20.This has perhaps been covered before, but I can't find a search function.
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    • I used my camera until it needed charging, it’s connected to the charger and green light is on but no matter how long the camera won’t turn back on. It’s my FIRST time using this camera and hoping it’s an easy fix but currently feeling bitterly disappointed. Any tips? 
    • Same issue here, the help page highlights that cameras with the "X WEBCAM" option don't get access to the settings dialog (ie. the sliders). Certainly my X-T30 has the "X WEBCAM" option under USB, so maybe we just don't get this part of the functionality. This makes the webcam feature rather redundant though, as autofocus gets disabled for me when I plug in, so I have to change focus manually, not what I was hoping for!
    • I did fixed mine, i replaced my internal battery... i couldnt find MS414GE (3V 2mah)  battery but i used MS412FE (3V 1mah). Very cheap battery (3USD for 6pcs in Aliexpress)   Its been 2 days now and i tested to removed the battery and back again.. so far its not changing to default settings.   I just look in google how to disassemble the xt20 and luckily its not very hard because no need to peel any rubber. The most difficult is you need to unsolder and solder some wires. Better buy this battery and let some pro do this.. even pc technician can do this
    • Hello! The LCD display on my Fuji is no longer turning on, and the EVF display just blinks to black. I cannot depress the shutter or access any menu options. No matter what lens is on, it shows f/1.0.    It has been in this mode for a few days now, and there were no incidents to bring this on.  I have tried pulling the batteries, changing lenses, cleaning lens contacts. It will not allow me to get past the screen to adjust any actual settings in the camera. Any thoughts or guidance on this would be much appreciated! IMG_7106.MOV
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