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Leaving DSLR and moving to phone photography

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Hey all, I have been a Fuji fan for 8 years now. I love my cameras and have managed to get some great photos from them over the years.

Just for the record, up until recently I have hated when people post phone camera pictures on facebook and forums etc.

One thing I have noticed is the gap between a 'Real' cameras and a phone cameras has gotten closer. Even though its always easy to tell the difference, I think to the casual viewer they would never really notice or care. The  photo message is protrayed regardless of a few small differences.

I have always looked down on phone camera photographers and still do, BUT I have decided to ditch the real one and become a phone cam person myself.

I am finding the whole portability thing an issue, and I like that I can slip a phone into my pocket. I also notice that phone cameras are more forgiving of bad setting errors, especially when you need to take a quick unplanned picture.
I think the smarts in a phone have gotten to a point that its prety hard to take a dud shot. On the contrary the im still way too slow on the manual adjustments for a SLR. 
Carrying lots of big lenses is also a drag, not to mention the weight etc. 
Im also finding it hard to justify updating my camera when the body can cost 2 or 3 times as much as a phone that can do 80% of the work.

So why am I writing this? Why dont I just dissapear into the sunset quietly? I think Im just leaving Fuji some feedback. It might be interesting to stray away from the traditional path of SLR and look at products easier to carry.  For example, Id like to see a camera that was flatter but was also a phone. It was designed primarily  as a camera first and a phone second. Something that meant we have superior quality photography that didnt also mean we had to carry two items around. The compromise could be a fatter than normal phone. This would allow for a bigger battery as well.

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Just responding here because I kind of went the opposite way. Three years ago, I decided to invest in a Samsung flagship-level phone, primarily for the newer camera technology, so I could be reasonably happy with the quality of the camera I would always have with me. It's worked out great in general and saved a lot of trouble and weight when traveling, although as someone alluded to above, I would have been disappointed if I went to a zoo.

But this year I realized that sometimes I just want to Take Pictures, and that could go almost anywhere, so I got me an X-S10 and all sorts of modern accessories so now I can hook it to my microscope, telescope, or micro focusing rail as well as get pro-quality pictures and video with great lenses. And I'm having a great time!

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    • Thanks for the recommendation David! 
    • You could try to lock the joystick by pressing and holding Menu/Ok until a lock symbol appears. You can unlock the same way.
    • sometimes happen when connecting with remote app , it's more likely the camera remote app issue ,rather than camera software issue . the only few times i got the same freezing issue was when i connected with the remote app . never happened otherwise , not even once . hope this helps . have a nice day ahead !
    • Same expect according to Fuji, it's supposed to work on my version of OXS (Mojave). Installed the latest version of X Webcam 2, did a firmware update on X-T30, changed the USB connection setting to USB Webcam, connected the camera through USB (no hub). The camera is not recognized and doesn't show up under available cams. Also, Fuji X Webcam software's entire interface is grayed out.
    • Ive had the xt3 for a year and a half. I also have the same lock ups using flash. I recently bought a new camera for video work and will also replace this one. Luckily I haven't been caught off guard yet but I can't imagine being at a wedding and this happening. Considering the $5000 invested in Fuji Im not happy.
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