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IS Mode on X-Pro 3 with Fujinon XF 55-200mm

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IS Mode in the shooting menu is greyed-out with this lens on my X-Pro 3, which means I don't have the options CONTINUOUS/SHOOTING ONLY/OFF available. The OIS icon appears in my EVF (as OFF) and the position of the OIS switch on the lens barrel makes no difference. I updated the firmware for both body and lens to the latest version but no change. Anyone else experience this or is it normal with this lens? Maybe I have a defect. The only other OIS lens I have is the 16-80mm and everything functions normally. Compared to this lens it appears that the OIS on the 55-200 is not working at all. I cannot visually detect any stablization happening. Puzzled.

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10 hours ago, mdm said:

It looks like a faulty lens . . .

Thanks for confirming this, mdm; that's what I'm also forced to conclude unfortunately. Explains why I'm not getting sharp results handheld in the upper ranges at only 1/500, thinking all the time that OIS was giving me a buffer zone. Oh, well, In this case will need to keep the shutter above 1/1000 (1/2000-4000 even better) and hike the ISO for the long shots. Dammit. Bought this lens on the road in Mexico (Amazon Mexico) and it'll be some months before I'm back and can send it in for service (that is, if the warranty for something bought here even holds in the US). With no previous experience with OIS, I didn't detect it soon enough, while I still had the box, packing, and an oportunity to return it to the vendor. Oh, well. Kinda disappointed here, as I had to pay top dollar for this puppy. Love it otherwise for street, as it's become my most productive lens in this environment (even though I expected to use it only for occasional landscapes). So OIS is important; it's tough getting sharp images handheld at 150-200 no matter how steady I am. Hell, back in the day, I wouldn't have dreamed of walking around shooting handheld with a lens that is effectively 300mm full-frame at its upper limit, so was counting on the stabilization feature. No opportunity to try it on another body for the moment, but I kinda suspect that's not the problem; it's probably just the switch.

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