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New system for Fuji?

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In fact they did cover this story: https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-patent-48mm-f1-2-lens-for-mirrorless-camera-with-1-inch-type-sensor/

A 1-inch sensor is in fact smaller than the APS-C sensors in the Fujifilm X-system (about 1.5x smaller and about 3x smaller than full frame). The news suggests a line of compact video and/or stills cameras. Not directly full frame.

Wouldn't be a logical move anyway by Fuji. To compete in full frame, you'd need to design a new system with interchangeable lenses and accessories, next to the X-system and the GFX-system. It would cannibalize both existing platforms and end-up in a heavily competitive segment within a total market that is in rapid decline. The total camera market has dropped by 90% in the past 10 years...

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    • Thanks for the recommendation David! 
    • You could try to lock the joystick by pressing and holding Menu/Ok until a lock symbol appears. You can unlock the same way.
    • sometimes happen when connecting with remote app , it's more likely the camera remote app issue ,rather than camera software issue . the only few times i got the same freezing issue was when i connected with the remote app . never happened otherwise , not even once . hope this helps . have a nice day ahead !
    • Same expect according to Fuji, it's supposed to work on my version of OXS (Mojave). Installed the latest version of X Webcam 2, did a firmware update on X-T30, changed the USB connection setting to USB Webcam, connected the camera through USB (no hub). The camera is not recognized and doesn't show up under available cams. Also, Fuji X Webcam software's entire interface is grayed out.
    • Ive had the xt3 for a year and a half. I also have the same lock ups using flash. I recently bought a new camera for video work and will also replace this one. Luckily I haven't been caught off guard yet but I can't imagine being at a wedding and this happening. Considering the $5000 invested in Fuji Im not happy.
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