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Hello all, 

Decided to join a photography forum to improve my learning curve, so here I am, be nice to meet you all.

Quite new to photography, got into it through drones as i like making videos (not professionally), worked my way up to the mavic 2 pro but started enjoying the picture side of it more, especially slow shutter photography, which is a problem for a drone as its near impossible to take a photo for 10-15 seconds without it moving! I bought a rig and a tripod that could turn the drone into a handheld camera, despite the funny looks i got whilst using it it wasn't bad :D .. 1inch sensor though so noise and low light light performance where a pain. 

Now i've got the XT-3, with the 18-55 kit lens. I feel a pro just holding it B) only had it 2 weeks and so far between rain and covid I've not had much use besides photographing the walls and my fingers as I learn to use it, but looking forward to the journey. 

Here are some pics i've taken with the drone as I have nothing to share with the xt3 yet, and go easy on my colour grading lol hope to build some good relationships here as i progress. 


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    • I picked this up and have been testing.  The assembly looks a bit frankensteinish but seems to serve the purpose.  I agree with CatAreGods comment on this maybe being unnecessary under some circumstances.  I am pretty happy with it from the standpoint that it lets me balance the entire camera/lens/teleconverter assembly much better over the tripod mount.  That will come in handy with windy or other challenging conditions.
    • I'm going to throw in my two cents here. I have the Fuji GFX 50r and the 50MM pancake lens. This is a great street and general shooting 1-lens kit. As to the difference between FF and MF, I also agree with Jim, I see a difference in the color and resolution on screen (I have yet to print from my Fuji yet). A friend refers to this characteristic as the "special sauce," the combination of Fuji's sensor and lenses. Yes, I have FF Canon R6, the files are good, but there is a visual difference that to me looks richer with the 50r.  The shot of Mano was taken with the 50MM lens on the 50r.
    • Nope, even when it was at minimum extension, no hood.
    • Thank you for your all your replies. I'll update this once available. It's not easy to go to the service center this time.  
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