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Firmware Update for the X-T2

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Hello,  I purchased an X-T2 only this week which I’m very pleased with but am having trouble updating the firmware.  The check shows the last update was 4.30 but when I locate the latest firmware on my Mac Mini and use Cmd +R the download starts and then keeps flashing.  When I remove the card from the card slot at the back and do a check it is still showing 4.30.  Help?


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I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do. You have to put the downloaded and unpacked firmware file to the root directroy of an SD card, place it in the camera and switch the camara on while pressing display. After this the camera should offer to start the update.

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Thank you for your reply, what I was trying to do was update the firmware in my X-T2 and as I am new to this camera, and updates, I can only imagine that I was acting on an instruction I had read somewhere(or misread).  Having used the method you recommend I find that my Mac Mini can’t open the file and I have both VLC and 5k Apps on board.  I never had this problem with my Leica M3 or my Canon F1.  Sorry about that but I took up photography in my early 20s and was given a digital compact camera for my 65th.  I have had two more compact cameras since but of course they didn’t need updating.  I purchased the very able Fujifilm X-T2 because my photography had become ‘Point and Shoot’.  I am very happy with the camera - and I am working through the instructional manual  - perhaps I should have updated my Mac Mini too?  Thank you again.  TF

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