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Starting to get a little discouraged: Instagram vs. Capture One (I know!!!)

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Hi guys,

these days I've been thinking a lot about how easy and effective editing photos shot on my phone is with respect to all the pain I have to go through with my camera (carrying it, SD card reader, post-processing with a proper software, final touch ups). I've been using Capture One since for 2 years ago and I'm still a huge fan of it, but ... I can't stop to think that when I want to post a picture of mine on Instagram I always have to do the final adjustments on my phone before publishing a shot. The editing experience on the Instagram app is so simple and yet so good, almost to the point where I ask myself: "Why am I not just using Instagram to post-process?".

Am I the only one to have noticed it? Why do you think I keep noticing such thing? Do I need new and more photographic stimulus?


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Just now, jadshuye78 said:

Thanks for your replay, jerrryy. I can actually guess the outcome but I've never done it: I guess there must be something to learn in such exercise.

Thanks for your replay, jerrryy. I can actually guess the outcome but I've never done it: I guess there must be something to learn in such exercise.

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