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IBIS : Shoot Only vs Continuous with XF16-80

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Lately I noticed the pictures taken with X-H1 and XF16-80 were kinda blurry. But luckily every picture taken with my primes was OK.....
Of course the blurriness can be seen only enlarging the pictrures up to 100% .
I was about to throw my XF16-80 zoom in the trashcan , when I had an idea :    I switched the stabilization from continuous to "shoot only"
Et voilà  :   now all pictures taken with my zoom are crisp and sharp !

Why, oh why ?  Where is the problem with Ibis continuous?   is it the camera ?  or the zoom lens ?

p.s. :  both camera and lens firmware are updated.


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I didn't chang the front switch ( S/C/M ) , that's for focusing:
I changed the stabilization setting ( Ibis )   : from continuous to shoot-only.
This wrong behaviour shows up only with my Zoom lens, not with my prime lenses.

The tests I did today were shooting a tree in front of my windows , no wind at all.
And I discovered that pictures taken with shoot-only are wharp, while with continuous Ibis are not.   This problems is with every exposure time from 1/500 sec. down to 1/30th

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The interaction between OIS and IBIS in the X-H1 is a known issue with multiple lenses. To date Fuji has never solved it in firmware updates and over the past two years their only updates for the X-H1 were about fixing new gear (new lenses or flash) to the X-H1 and the bugs that came out of that. Not about fixing X-H1 inherent bugs. I fear that we don't get that level of support anymore for the X-H1. That's why I stopped using it for professional work.

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Correct. Fuji issued a few firmware updates to correct issues with the combination of IBIS and OIS for the X-Trans 4 platform (X-T4 and X-S10) but not anymore for the X-Trans III platform (a/o X-H1). In general there is no support anymore for that platform other than accommodating for new lenses or speedlights and fixing bugs that come out of these new firmware updates. I've done some tests last year with my X-H1 and the 10-24 and it wasn't solved then.

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I have not heard of this particular problem with the X-H1 before. I am not saying it doesn't exist, I just am not aware of it. I do not own the XF 16 - 80 lens, however I did perform a test with the XF 10 - 24, XF 16 - 55 and XF 100 - 400 all mounted on my X-H1.  All at low shutter speeds of about 1/25. All were shot at focal lengths of 24mm, 55mm and 400mm respectively and I saw no difference in sharpness whether the IS was set to continuous or shooting only. All images were very sharp. You might want to contact Fuji. 


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