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let's talk third party 28mm lenses...(street photography)


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So 18/19mm since we're talking crop sensor I mean. If 28mm is one of the most popular street photography focal lengths (Leica Q, Q2, Ricoh GR series, Fuji x70, etc), why haven't more lenses been created for this niche? Like, there doesn't seem to be a single lens out there to rival the Leica Q's fast 28mm. TTartisans, 7artisans, Mitakon, no one? No 18mm f.95, f1, f1.2? The closest thing is the rokinon 21mm f1.4, which comes out to about 31.5mm in full frame terms. I believe f1.4 would be equivalent to about f2 on full frame. 

Of course I'm not expecting this from fuji, nor anyone else to come with AF. 

Anyone else surprised by this though? Any thoughts? Am I overrating the 28mm focal length?

Edit: also, what about weather sealing? is this too much to ask from a third party lens maker?

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What I surprised by is that there are no modern camera system I want to buy since I've got my X-E2. I'm not talking about Leica it's not my budget, but every rangefinder-style camera by Fuji or Sony are crippled  that way it stops me from buying it. Canon and Nikon are not in this game at all. And you're ranting about some wide angle lens... )))
About the lens... I think they're making bokeh lens for portraits not for street when you usually need plenty of DOF to tell your story and in case of low light you should utilize IBIS this days rather then speed of the glass. So, maybe Fuji xf 16f1.4 is the one.


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There are rumors about a new Fuji 18mm (=27mm FF equiv.). It is supposed to be f1.4 according these rumors, but I would love an update of the 18/f2. At f1.4 will be between the 23/f1.4 and 16/f1.4 in size and that's too big to my liking for my X-Pro2. Either way, I hope it will be significantly better than the 23/f2 or the 16/f2.8. More at the level of the 35/f2...

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