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16 or 14 lens w xpro3

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Reading a review of xpro3 which goes on and on about wide angle lens not usefull on xpro3.. Can I assume that he is only refering to the OVF; I would think wide angles would work fine w the EVF. I only shoot fuji jpegs and think the xpro3 would be an ideal camera for me. BTW I only shoot w Fuji primes 

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The EVF view is essentially showing what the sensor captures. The limitations of the X-Pro3 for wide-angle and telephoto lenses are only applicable to OVF-mode, which is of course one of the main reasons for having an X-Pro camera.

By the way, judging from the title you're looking at the 14/2.8 vs. the 16/2.8. There are some apparent differences between the lenses. The 14/2.8 is not WR and has slower (and somewhat noisier) AF. Nevertheless, I prefer the 14 by far. It has much better IQ (almost to the level of the 16/1.4). Better contrast, sharper corners, less loca...). Having said that I understand the the 16/2.8 fits nicely on an X-Pro. Don't get overly exited about the WR. It is largely a marketing item... I've had reliable non-WR lenses vs. WR-lenses that 'fell apart' after a day of steady drizzle. 

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