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XH-1 Mated to a Tokina SZX Super 400mm F8 Reflex MF-Am I Crazy?

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While I wait for the delivery of this lens I'm wondering if anyone else out there is using this combination, or similar? Most of what I have read about these types of lenses seem to tout the downsides vs. the compactness/magnification, affordability and light weight of the lens.

I'm hoping that the IBIS on the XH-1 might improve the number of "keeper" photos I take with this type of lens. Although, on another forum, I was advised that IBIS is less successful on far distant objects.

Frankly speaking I guess I was just wanting to keep the Pandemic blues away, and the price of the lens didn't seem bad even considering the limited overall usefulness of it. Add that to the fact recent eye surgery has enabled me to know the joys of manual focusing (something I haven't been able to do for years). I just couldn't resist.

Any advice, thoughts, or good natured ribbing is much appreciated!




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Why not? Every lens has it's purpuse.
My Tamron 8/500mm reflex onlyonce or twice a year, but when it has, it has ;)



If you expect a propper BIF, sports and wildlife leans - you're wrong

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