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Extreme Cold


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Anyone use the Fuji system in extreme cold? I've had my XT-3 at -10F. The  126s batteries performed as they always do and no issues with the bodies or any of the lenses (10-24, 50-150, 100-400). I'm heading to Lapland next February where the temperature could drop to -40F. Any thoughts or experiences?



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You seem to like challenges.

Try looking into a dew heater system. Astronomers and astro-photographers use them to keep dew and frost off of their telescopes, cameras and electronic gear. You can build your own or buy commercial versions, but in either version, check to make sure the components can handle those types of temperatures, more of making sure you get industrial-grade rather than lightweight-grade.

If there is any moisture in the the air in the lens, it will condense and freeze, you risk shattering the aperture blades or destroying the motor. Also the lubricants will be more like dried goop than lube. So you will need to keep the lenses warmer.

Anything that will help you operate the camera remotely such as Raw Studio or web-cam software will make life easier, at those temps you could damage your skin or eyes or hands trying to look through the view finder. So extra cables because they tend to break instead of bend when that cold.

Perhaps buy or build a small pin-hole camera and take it as a backup. Fewer moving parts. They still work and film does not mind cold as much. 

Have fun and come back safely.

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