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I like buying local. But I also like to check internet prices. and I also dont like getting bent over on pricing but once again I like to support our local stores. I called a local camera shop and the price was close to double what ebays new pricing is. Is there a difference in actual Fuji lenses like where they are made or quality differences? In the same lens 

Thanks for any help


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There can be a significant difference in price based on where you buy the lens. Fuji runs promotions in various countries whereby cashback amounts, expiring dates and type of lenses may differ. So your e-bay quote might be based on a rebated lens and your local supplier might not have access to that rebate (or might not have included it in his quote -- as cashbacks need to be applied for after the purchase and by the buyer).

Also be aware that esp. on Fuji's older lenses (the non-WRs) there's a larger variance in pricing. Some retailers charge the MSRP of e.g. the 35/1.4 or the 56/1.2, whereas larger online stores have almost constant sales on these lenses. That depends also on whether they have it on stock or they have to order it esp. for you. If the lens you've asked for is by accident the 10-24 zoom or the 27 pancake be aware that for these lenses there's a  MkII version (marked WR for Weather Resistant). The MkI versions are now on sale.

Finally, Fuji is in the process of moving the lens production to the Philippines. All XC and most XF lenses are already manufactured there. The red badge zooms are in the process and the GF lenses remain made in Japan for now. There should be no difference in build quality standards according Fuji, but there's definitely the difference in perception in some peoples' minds... That could affect 2nd hand value for these lenses.

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