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x100s not working, can't shut down without removing battery

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Hello everybody, 

finally got myself an x100 series camera again, unfortunately it seems to have stopped working. 

When I turn on the camera, the lens makes some noises but it never boots up fully. I can't press any button and it doesn't show anything on the screen(it's on, as it's a bit brighter than when turned off) . When I turn the camera off it makes a small beep (like when you select something in the menu) but the screen stays on.


The weird part is that when I tried to install new firmware it worked perfectly, screen is like normal. 


Any ideas or pointers?

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I might have found the solution, Ive been trying to fix my x100s on multiple solutions.
change settings

It looks like its a faulty ON/OFF switcher. 
What I did is: switch the switcher many times (really many times, 20 or more very fast)
it is working for me.

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