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16-55 or 18-55 please help.


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I have an X-T4 and shaky hands. This question may not make sense but it does in my mind. Would I be better off going with an XF16-55 which my understanding is, the F2.8 makes it a faster lens but with no OIS or a XF18-55 with F2.8-4 and built in OIS.  Also does the IBIS work in conjunction with the OIS? Or does the IBIS work well with the 16-55 and no need for the OIS

Thanks for any help.

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The 16-55 is about twice as heavy as the 18-55. That's a big difference on longer photo walks that will also help you to keep the 18-55 more steady. Whenever you don't really need the extra 2mm or a constant f2.8 save yourself some money and go for the 18-55. The difference in IQ between the two is marginal (I've had both). Only with really large prints you will be able to see a slight difference in sharpness in the corners. The 16-55 is a bit more 'contrasty' though, but that can be corrected in post. IMO the good ol' 18-55 has visibly better IQ than the 16-80. 

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16-55 heavier and no OIS, constant aperture. 18-55 lighter, IOS and variable aperture
I owned both and kept the 18-55.
The quality of the 18-55 is highly superior to the 16-80 as the longer is the focal lenght, the more complicated is to keep a high level quality.

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