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Question regarding the Fujinon XF 16-55 f2.8

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I'm pretty new to the fuji system and have bought some zoom lenses to take on hiking trips and for some recreational shooting in the mountains.

Now I have bought a used 16-55 from a shop in my area. Right after I got home, I put it on my XT-3 and was kinda suprised.

Whereas all my other lenses like the 10-24 or the 55-200 were a perfect fit the 16-55 I got does not snap into place, but rather has a little shake to it. I do not yet know if this does influence the quality of the pictures in any shape or form but like I said I was rather suprised and am asking myself now... Is that acceptable? or should I return the lens to the shop and ask for a refund?

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This is indeed an issue that occurs more frequently with X-mount and esp. combined with the larger/heavier lenses. We've had it several times on various X-Ts and only the X-H1 is really better (and the GFX). Make sure that when they tighten the screws they put a drop of Loctite on the tip of the screw. That really helps.

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Ahhhh ....!  The light just went on for me lol.  I'm glad I read this post.  My camera is the X-T2 and recently I have noticed something similar with it and my 16-55.  I'm pretty sure I'll be getting an X-T4 soon, so I doubt I'll do anything about it.  Still, it is good to hear about these things.

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