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I have a new Fuji XT-4 and have been using the Cam Remote software.  I think I have finally figure most of  it out but it seems overly complicated and not done in standard ways.  Since I am an amateur photographer I wonder if some of this not realizing how a professional would use the camera.

Why does the Cam Remote software create an adhoc network between the camera and device instead of just connecting the network?  I realize this allows you to transfer photos via WiFi even if away from civilization but is that actually used very much.

I also do not understand why the Bluetooth connection is not done in the normal manner.  The camera does not show up in the list when disconnected.  Why?  Seems odd.

I have yet to figure out how to get the Auto Transfer to work.  I assume that is done via Bluetooth but I have never had it work.  If I were Fuji I would be in fear that Apple or other tech company would get into this market.  

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