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Fuji X-S10 New Buyer Questions

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Hello All, I'm about to purchase the X-S10 and I'm very attracted to the new user experience as it relates to Fuji. My questions are with the new Custom Settings C1-4, can you bracket them when shooting?  Or is that reserved for only the standard available film simulations.  With White Balance behavior, can I have a WB Shift as a default that is different than on the C1-4 dials? Also if you ever apply the White Balance Shift, does that also affect the RAW files if you shoot both JPEG & RAW? Thanks in advance to all these questions, because this looks to be an amazing camera!

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Mig, I have a X-S10 and am very pleased with it.

You can have a different WB setting in each of the custom settings as well as in aperture priority or shutter priority or any other mode. If you set custom mode 1 to a WB setting of Daylight and then work in aperture priority with a auto WB but then switch back to custom mode 1 you will be back in daylight WB setting. When you switch back to aperture priority mode you will be back in auto WB.

You cannot bracket a custom setting, that makes no sense. A custom setting can incorporate a bracketed setting of some type.

You set up your camera with a variety of different settings eg black and white, auto WB, AF-C and then save them all as a custom setting so you can recall those settings whenever you need them.

For example I have C-1 set for action photography, C-2 for black and white and C-3 for sun rise and sun set (using different film sims and WB).

RAW files are not affected by WB in the camera. You assign a WB to them when you edit them .

Hope this helps, Dave.

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